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Membrane Switch Backlingting


Membrane Switches – Watch at night

Medical, industrial and consumer customers often require Membrane Switch backlighting. We recommend two methods.

Fiber Optic Back Lighting 1. Fiber optic

This technology is not completely new, but its use as a backlight in Membrane Switches is quite valuable.

How it works:
Light enters a fiber optic panel through each fiber end. Computer controlled “macro-bends” cause the transmitted light to be emitted from the sides of the fibers through the cladding. The light emits uniformly along the length of the panel.

Fiber optic applications are valuable where low electronic “noise”, or “interference” is necessary. The fiber weave is designed to match the shape of the switch, 100% customized. It is safe, long lasting, and reliable.

Other applications of fiber optic lighting are found in surgical applications, lazer tag vest lighting, lighting in explosive areas, etc.

EL (Electroluminescence) Back Lighting 2. EL (Electroluminescence)

Like fiber optic technology. Electroluminescence provides backlighting and is done in a very thin layer for the switch. However, unlike fiber optics, EL uses a printable ink deposit to illuminate the switch. EL is powered by electronics, versus an independent light source used by fiber optics.

Also custom, EL is screen printed, hence, can be layered easily with Membrane Switch to any switch shape. The light from the EL is emitted uniformly over the entire lit area.

Some of the every-day uses of the EL are: Pagers, mobile phones, GPS units, etc.

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