Technical Specs

Contact Resistance       <2 ohms per lineal inch of line trace at 0.05″ wide
Open Circuit resistance     
  Insulation 10 mega ohms
  Dielectric Value No affect @ 500 VAC, 1 minute
  Contact Bounce <5 msec
  Contact Rating 1 watt max at 0-30 V, 0-100mA, 1 min. test

Operation Life 1-20 million cycles, depending on construction
Acutation Force 3-24 oz.
Travel without Tactile       0.004″ to 0.015″
Travel with Tactile 0.015″ to 0.040″
Switch Size ø0.20″ to ø1.50″, special sizes possible
Actuator Varies depending on need

  Storage -65° C to +85° C
  Operating         -45° C to +75° C
Humidity No affect @ 95% RH
Shock No closures>10msec @ 100g half-sine on four sides
Vibration No closure>10msec @ 1 hour random sine test
Salt Fog No affect @ 24 hr and 93°F
  Storage No affect or pre-actuation 0-50,000 ft.
  Operating No affect or pre-actuation 0-15,000 ft.

Some specifications are variable depending on the customers requirements and can be modified with a corresponding impact on cost. We can demonstrate the basics of membrane switches, send you samples, and even produce laser-cut mock-ups for fit testing. If you have electronic files, we regularly use the following graphic and layout software:

   – AutoCAD
   – Adobe Illustrator
   – Corel Draw

If you don’t have files, we can help you define the product qualities you need. Many customers come to us with little more than a rough sketch. Once we have settled on a design, we will prepare a quote for you and guide you through the rest of the purchasing process. We at Spectra Symbol bring a long-term prospective to every customer relationship. We want to be competitively and aggressively meeting your price and quality demands five years from now, not just next month.

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