Surgical Devices

Incision-Free Surgical Alternatives


Spectra Symbol had been contacted by a medical device company from the West Coast about 5 years ago. They were in development of a new device that could change the lives of women who suffer from uterine fibroids. At the time the only solution was to have a surgery to remove the growths or worse, to have a hysterectomy. The aftermath of the procedure left women in pain and like many surgeries, on a light duty lifestyle for a couple of weeks or longer. For some, it would even eliminate the ability to have children. They knew there was something that could be developed to better the lives of many women worldwide and they were determined to be the ones to do it.


Spectra Symbol has been an integral part for medical device manufacturers for many years as a source for low profile, low cost sealed sensors. Our sensors offer absolute position all while keeping a low profile form factor to fit into tight spaces and low cost to accommodate the need for disposable devices. Spectra Symbol worked together with the customer’s engineering team to create a custom sensor that would give the competitive edge in their device and to give women another option for treatment.


Within a few months of initial contact, Spectra Symbol had created a custom sensor that our customer could start testing. After months of in-house testing of the complete device they were able to start clinical trials to prove the device and apply for FDA testing and approval. To date, this devices has a CE Mark and is approved for use in Europe. Testing for USA FDA approval is still in process. This device is an incision free, uterine preserving alternative to the removal of fibroids and hysterectomy. This device gives women the treatment they need and offers them the option to have children.