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In this free report, you’ll discover the method of transition from hardware-only inventory systems to intelligent, real-time data systems.

Learnings include:

  • What inventory management leaders are doing today. This includes new trends, such asrobotics and IoT (Internet of Things) and how they are impacting Inventory Management and why buyers value real-time data.
  • How to avoid paying 4X the cost and getting stuck in a 3 year new product development cycle. You need to find the right resources to take your organization from new players to world-class
    leaders in real-time inventory.
  • Best-fit Sensor: Identify leading sensor technologies needed to track inventory. Also included is the pathway of how to design-in sensor technology into an inventory tracking software.
  • 90% of companies spend too much time and resources paying too much for sensor technology.
  • Determining whether to Insource or Outsource your development chain…does it make sense to use off-shore technical help?
  • What organizations have the capabilities to help you create a world-class product for your target market?
  • Avoid common pitfalls of the development path from hardware to full-stack development.
  • Why your customers are willing to pay 3X-5X for your new services. Hint: it’s not about how
    long it took you to make the product, or how much you spent to make it world-class…