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Spectra Symbol has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing superior quality linear position sensors for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), design engineers, and other clients from multiple industries. We pride ourselves in offering the most innovative devices that optimize operational processes to improve productivity and efficiency. Our components are products of modern technology, careful engineering, and high quality workmanship.

What We Offer

As an industry leader, we focus on designing products that meet the highest standards. We offer different types of linear sensors, including:
You can learn more about these products by browsing our entire website. We also offer contract assembly services to clients looking for opportunities to improve their productivity rate by outsourcing the assembly part of their manufacturing process. Our membrane switches are good investments for robotics companies looking to optimize their operation.

What Makes Us Different

There are many sensors available on the market today, but not all of them can track absolute position. Our products are thin, affordable, and reliable, making them ideal for any application that requires absolute position sensing. We’ve been supplying low cost sensors to design engineers for many years and we continue to provide innovative and flexible solutions to a growing number of clients across the globe.

Spectra Symbol takes pride in being one of the most trusted linear potentiometer manufacturers and vendors today. We use the latest technology to produce devices that provide the results clients are looking for. Our products are reliable and easy to use. The SoftPot, for example, produces the desired electrical output once you press the wiper of the soft potentiometer down onto the top circuit. It’s no wonder wiper potentiometer became popular among clients in the medical industry.

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White Flex

White Flex

New Flex Circuit Technology. This Flex Circuit Technology, the “White Flex”, is for design engineers seeking Flex Circuit benefits while paying half of the cost. Designed to eliminate wire, board and assembly costs, reducing up to 50% of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), while also decreasing space, weight and packaging. Specifically, White Flex Circuits replace current Kapton Flex Circuits by reducing material costs dramatically, while providing core Flex Circuit functionality.