Linear Position Sensors - MagnetoPot Sensor

Linear Position Sensors

SoftPot – Low Form-factor, Low Cost

MagnetoPot – Contactless Sensing

Linear potentiometers measure distance position with an analog output. Spectra Symbol’s membrane potentiometer sensors not only give linear position sensing, but do so in a world-class 0.5mm in height, creating a form factor that allows OEM’s to insert feedback position sensing right next to the device as it moves. This allows for absolute position sensing at the movement location. One important benefit from our linear potentiometer is the price. Rated at 50% to 10% the cost of other linear potentiometers, Spectra Symbol’s sensors are the best value in class.

Following the SoftPot’s success, Spectra Symbol was able to further assist high temperature linear sensor applications with the HotPot, rising to +85°C in operation or storage,the MagnetoPot for contactless applications and the ThinPot with half of the traditional product width.

White Flex

White Flex

New Flex Circuit Technology. This Flex Circuit Technology, the “White Flex”, is for design engineers seeking Flex Circuit benefits while paying half of the cost. Designed to eliminate wire, board and assembly costs, reducing up to 50% of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), while also decreasing space, weight and packaging. Specifically, White Flex Circuits replace current Kapton Flex Circuits by reducing material costs dramatically, while providing core Flex Circuit functionality.