White Flex Circuitry

White Flex Circuit Technology by Spectra Symbol

…to decrease TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by up to 50% from standard circuitry, assembly, and wiring.

Flexibly Circuitry = Increased Value




  • Replacement for a Circuit Board and Wires (quality assembly, lower costs).
  • Reduce weight and space (form factor as low as 0.005″).
  • Flex! It can bend where needed in design.
  • White Flex cut costs in half from traditional Kapton Flex
  • ROHS Compliant Assemblies

Standard Capabilities

  • Circuit Construction
    – Single Sided
    – Double Sided
  • Size
    – Quadrilateral designs up to 48″ x 36″
    – Lengths extend up to 20″ x 20′ (greater lengths can be reviewed)
    – Thicknesses as thin as 0.005″
  • Line Width and Spacing
    – Minimum line width is 0.020″ (0.5mm)
    – Minimum center-to-center trace spacing is 0.040″ (1mm)
  • Temperature
    -60°C to +105°C (-76°F to +221°F)
  • Power Capability
    – Depends on layout. Example: for a 0.040″ trace, 100mA max.
  • Tooling Tolerances
    – Soft Tool
    – Outer dimensions ±0.015″ (special can make ±0.005″)
    – Radius corners 0.030″ min.
    – Hard Tool
    – Outer Dimensions ±0.003″
    – Radius corners 0″ min. (square)
    – Laser Cut
    – Outer dimensions ±0.005″
    – Radius corners 0″ min. (square)
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
    – Components as small as 0603
    – Placement accuracy as tight as ±0.005″
  • Shielding
    – Printed silver in a solid or grid pattern

Integrated Solutions for Rigid Backer-supported LocationsWhite Flex Integrated Solutions - Spectra Symbol

– Linear Potentiometers (absolute position feedback sensors) can be imprinted directly on circuit.

– Embedded resistors can be printed inline (0.001″ height).Switching can be integrated, including domed tactile feedback for human interface

– Visual Graphics can be attached as a front-plate for human interface

  • – Embossing and membrane switch capabilities unlock your product potential in a one-stop-shop.


– Polyester 0.004″-0.010″ thickness

– 3M 200MP series Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) – Flame Retardant Mylar (rating UL 94, VTM2) – Stiffener: Mylar, CoPoly or Epoxy Glass (FR-4) – Conductors: Silver, Carbon, Solder Paste, Silver Epoxy – Horizontal mounting pins: 0.100″ and 0.050″ centerline crimp for hand solder or for housing attachment – ZIF connectors with min. 0.040″ centerlines