Manufacturing Excellence

Spectra Quality Saves OEM Clients Money

Challenge: One major customer is having supply-chain issues for three reasons:

  1. Quality is uncontrolled in Asia, hard to communicate exact needs, the specifications required of a Class-3 Medical Device
  2. Delivery is slow and comes in huge batches, causing large inventory swings and stock-out problems in the market
  3. Cost increases with bad quality and with wage changes in Asia

Solution: The customer brought their challenges to Spectra Symbol and we were able to address each of their concerns:

  • By improving the manufacturing process, their product failure modes went away
  • Delivery is now Just-In-Time, available from our US-based factory to anywhere in the continental USA immediately, which not only stops stock-out problems, but also allows the Customer to avoid carrying huge inventory stockpiles.
  • Cost was able to remain competitive.
    • Change-over costs were very low because Spectra Symbol tooling and NRE for each job is typically $3K-$5k.
    • Long-term pricing is competitive because of TPS/Lean flow technology which allows Spectra Symbol to compete world-wide.

Result: Technology used includes semi-automated printing and curing, SMT (Surface Mount Tech.) line, which deposits the microchips and resistors necessary for the specialty circuit, and a dedicated “White Room” for cleaner medical-grade applications.