Motor Monitoring

Monitoring Motor Motion


Spectra Symbol was contacted by the manager of a mid-sized oil company located in the Mountain West. He was very concerned about their well site pump jacks shutting down due to various factors, especially in the winter, but all the other options to monitor his pumps proved too cost-prohibitive.  As a result, during the winter months they would drive twice a day to visually inspect each of their pumps just to make sure that they were running. If they found one that wasn’t running, it could have stopped hours earlier making it impossible to res       pond before the situation became costly. 

They realized that even their costly process of manually tracking pumps twice a day was not enough to avoid costly downtime.


Spectra Symbol provides a reliable remote pump monitoring solution that includes a wireless motion sensor and a solar-powered gateway. The monitor tracks the motion of the pump and can be set to alert managers in real-time by text and email if their pumps unexpectedly stop operating.

The pump monitors have strong magnetic feet attached to the bottom of the housing and fit in one hand. Please see this tutorial that shows how easy the pump sensor is to install. The monitor is attached to the moving arm of the pump, depending on what kind of pump jack it is. 120 data points are taken in a single minute tracking the motion, speed, and consistency of the pump and transmitted through Spectra’s gateway to our database. Customers can access the real-time data via their mobile device or desktop.


Within days of installing the pump monitor, the pump jack engine was flooded with excess fluid buildup from the natural gas chambers which caused the pump to fail. The field manager was alerted and was able to respond within the hour. The spectra symbol IoT software database was able to provide data points that the customer used to compared the final few rotations to the average speed duration. A typical failure pattern was identified and can be used for predictive analytics which can alert field managers that the pump is acting abnormally before it shuts down.