Spectra Symbol Works With Incredible Partners to Get the Right Sensors for the Job into Your Hands

You can always contact us directly about your technical application and get our engineers and experts recommendations before making a purchase.
We want to make sure you are getting what is right for your process, project, or product. Whether you are looking for a linear or rotary position sensor, a flex/bend position sensor, or want to discuss the uses of our sensors as tracking devices or control potentiometers, we can help!
We put together custom contracts and custom purchase orders every day for our customers and will take care of you every step of the way for a more involved development process. If you are just looking for a few stock sensors or components for testing or trials in their stock configurations, then quick checkouts and deliveries are available through our own web-store or through our agile partnerships listed here:

Contact Us Directly For Volume Orders, Special Purchase Orders, or with Questions About Customization or Anything Else!

Our Partners

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