Over 40 Years Of Spectra Symbol Excellence

A Strong Foundation
Spectra Symbol started in 1978 as a screen printing company focused on graphics printed on plastic/lexan substrates, and quickly saw the potential for this technology’s compatibility with conductive/resistive inks. In 1981 David C. Marriott (grandson of J. Willard Marriott) purchased the company and began to develop the Membrane Switch and the Membrane Potentiometer business. During those early years, Spectra Symbol resided on Director’s Row in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the mid 1980’s Spectra Symbol purchased and renovated the building it currently resides in, at 3101 W. 2100 S. SLC, UT 84119.
In the early 1980’s, after Spectra Symbol obtained Dean House’s patent of the SoftPot membrane potentiometer, it sparked Spectra Symbol’s launch into position sensor technology development that continues to be the core of the business today.
Family Legacy
In 2002 Daniel Marriott became a minority shareholder and began running Spectra Symbol as CEO during his father David’s sabbatical to Sao Paolo, Brazil as a Mission President for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 2013 Daniel Marriott entered into agreement with David C. Marriott, to purchase the majority share of Spectra Symbol. Under the new leadership of Daniel Marriott, the company entered a new era of innovation & development. Work continued and new and modern applications were discovered for Spectra Symbol’s constantly expanding & improving technologies. Flex Sensor came, followed by the XY Pad, GlassPot, HotPot, SheildedPot, MagnetoPot1, MagnetoPot2.1, MagnetoPot2.2, & White Flex technologies.
Flex Sensors and Potentiometers increased significantly in popularity and production and contributed greatly to the company’s continued success for over a decade.
Successful Partnerships
In 2012 Spectra Symbol began developing a liquid level sensor based on the MagnetoPot1 patented technology, due to numerous Oil and Gas sensor company requests for that technology. Many asked for “exclusive rights” to the tech. The company eventually worked out a situation where product design and developed was offered in house beyond basic manufacturing. It took years to develop, and then Spectra Symbol realized they needed to provide wireless communication to allow connectivity to the internet of things. Then the company went on to develop supportive cloud technology.
Now, 10 years later, in addition to the constant advancements in position sensor accuracy and reliability, we have a world-class offering for the Oil and Gas space with our own separate division called Kodiak Instruments.
In 2013, we encountered a technology that made nano-level electrical currents within a device, like billions of capacitors. This technology, developed by the inventors of NCAP, allowed wireless communication for a fraction of the power or price of traditional antennas, and we began building commercialized-level builds for them to deliver to the US army special operations. With Spectra Symbol’s expertise with printed circuitry using fundamental processes perfected in recent years we continue to excel in partnerships like these.
In 2017, the inventors realized that this same technology (engineered differently) can help the body heal through the electrical currents natural to the body. This technology completed clinical trials in early 2022 and is becoming a powerful product to assist in recovery from injury and in chronic pain management. In the form of a patch adhered to the skin over the problem area, the technology is exclusively manufactured by Spectra Symbol and can be purchased from a limited few holders of the licensed technology including our owned brand Neopedic.
Constant Innovation & Legacy Continued
While much of Spectra Symbol’s growth continues to be as a result of partners requesting customized components for their products, projects, and facilities, in 2007 Spectra Symbol began to focus on stock sensor offerings as well. Over the last 15 years our off-the-shelf products have grown in popularity among engineers and product developers who are testing for the right solutions for their applications, or looking for excellent ‘absolute position sensing’ options that can plug-and-play well with their designs.
In 2021 David M. Marriott (brother of Daniel Marriott) took over as president of Spectra Symbol. The company has made new leaps and bounds in next-level quality and efficiency in its operations and manufacturing procedures. The future of Spectra Symbol continues to be bright, and the company is expected to continue to grow steadily as it has since 1981.

“We create technology that makes life better.”

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