The Industry-Leading Contactless Position Sensor or Potentiometer

Image of various Spectra Symbol MagnetoPots showing examples of sensor lengths and form factors

MagnetoPot Position Sensors for Contactless Position Tracking, Liquid-Level Measurement, etc.

The MagnetoPot is simple, yet elegant in its ability to track motion in a contactless manner. A magnet on the inside of a cylinder, or on the other side of a motion device will guide the built-in magnetics of the MagnetoPot for position output as a voltage divider. This can also be used as a contactless control device or potentiometer.
As opposed to a Reed Switch, which gives simply “open” or “close” signals, the MagnetoPot gives the full linear travel as a magnetic sensor. For the cost of a Reed Switch, the MagnetoPot offers tremendous control input or sensing solutions for a fraction of the competing magnetic sensor cost.
As a liquid level sensor or magnetic position sensor, the MagnetoPot will give linear feedback to position. For liquid level sensors, the MagnetoPot can attach to the outside of a liquid tank and give position of the magnet inside the float. No water ingress, no wearing of the part by environment, because the MagnetoPot is away from the activity. Or the MagnetoPot can be engineered within a housing or conduit within a tank, as our oil & gas division Kodiak Instruments has proven to be effective in hundreds of tanks since launch.
Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders typically have only end Reed Switches to control over-extension, but the MagnetoPot can offer much more than the end Reed Switches; it can give full-travel position sensing with magnetic forces.

Contactless Position Sensing Ideal for Liquid Level Sensing & More!

Spectra Symbol designs and Manufactures contactless magnetic custom potentiometers for a large variety of applications.

How the MagnetoPot Magnetic Potentiometer is Unique from Standard Potentiometers & Position Sensors

The MagnetoPot is made of polyester, fiberglass and kapton, depending on the specification required. It functions as a voltage divider, a resistor or rheostat, as desired by the end-user. By bringing the exterior magnet into a proximity necessary to connect with the internal magnetic attractors, the operator can obtain linear position sensing based on the location of the exterior magnet. As the exterior magnet moves, so does the electrical output of the MagnetoPot.
The MagnetoPot should not be mounted to a ferromagnetic surface.
Electrical Output - Just as with the traditional membrane potentiometer, the MagnetoPot gives a linear position feedback with the motion of the external magnet.
Res.-Tol. – ±20%
Lin.-Tol. – ±5%
Resolution: depends upon the exterior magnet strength and distance to the MagnetoPot
Image of a Spectra Symbol stock MagnetoPot rotary potentiometer with latch housing female connector

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