The ThinPot potentiometer is currently a medical standard for multinational companies such as Varian Oncology, Siemens, and Baxter Healthcare, while also being used in many industrial applications.


Product Description

Spectra Symbol is a premier source for high quality linear position sensors. We offer a range of potentiometers with varying features to suit any application. Our line of linear sensors includes the ThinPot, a component that serves as a variable analog voltage divider. This membrane potentiometer measures 10mm wide and 0.5mm thick, making it ideal for applications in even the most difficult locations. It has all the features offered by the SoftPot, but is narrower. this sensor operates in linear or rotary configurations and is available in lengths of up to 2400mm.

Product Information:

  • Comes with pressure sensitive adhesive for easy mounting
  • sealed for maximum durability and protection
  • Narrower than the SoftPot
  • Made from high quality polyester substrate
  • Dust and splash proof


Customization Options

At Spectra Symbol, we aim to provide the most appropriate component for our clients, which is why we offer custom products. We design the ThinPot to meet the varying needs and specifications of business. We also allow our customers to customize their sensors according to what their applications require. Upon request, we can change the shape, size, length, or number of tracks. Some clients even request for custom rotary diameters.


Use Case: Retail Spring Pushers

What is a ThinPot

In simple terms, the ThinPot membrane potentiometer is a resistive element, which comprises a conductive resistor, a sealed encasement and a simple wiper assembly. A membrane potentiometer can also function as a voltage divider.

The ThinPot is a three-wire system with two resistive output channels and an electrical collector channel.


By pressing a wiper down onto the top circuit the ThinPot produces the desired electrical output.


The “wiper” is a non-conductive mechanism that depresses the top circuit actuating the potentiometer from the outside of the element. The top and bottom circuits are separated by 0.15mm (0.006″) of spacer adhesive build-up and contact between the circuit occurs by pressure (usually 1-3 Newtons) from the wiper on the top circuit, pushing down until the top circuit connects with the bottom circuit to create a potentiometric output.


The construction of the wiper design can adapt to any application because most materials can serve as the wiper: plastics, metals, sliders, rollers, wheels, etc. Also, the ThinPot can also be manually (hand) actuated.

ThinPot Data Sheet (PDF)

Use Cases

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