How long or short can a custom sensor be?

One of the greatest advantages of using Spectra Symbol as your source of sensor solutions is the incredible versatility of our customization & design process. If we don’t have a stock sensor ready-made to solve your application’s need then we’ll work with you from day one to create a variation that fits where you need it to.
Spectra Symbol is able to maintain excellent accuracy, reliability, and linearity across any length from 12mm to 1000mm in length and greater for linear potentiometers, and low-drift/high-reliability on our flex sensors.
In short there have been very few lengths, sizes and shapes of sensors that we have not been able to create over our many years of experience.
Additionally the membrane substrate material that most of our sensors are printed on is ultra thin (~.5mm thick) and can even function properly applied on uneven surfaces. Our Flex Sensors can flex on a gradual curve or tighter curve down to a diameter of 10mm and lower in some cases, and lengths of those tend to be slightly more restrictive than lengths of our linear pots as the resistive flex technology is more sensitive to length.

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