What is a potentiometer also known as?

It is good to understand how those within and without of the engineering room refer to potentiometers. Being able to classify them within a parent category is also very useful.
In short, a potentiometer can also be known as (or within a category of):
  • A position sensor
  • A resistive position sensor
  • A potential difference sensor
  • A “pot”
There are two main types of potentiometer:
  • A linear potentiometer (measuring linear distance usually)
  • A rotary potentiometer (measuring change in position along an arc)
Though not frequent some include the “flexible potentiometer” more commonly referred to as a “Flex Sensor”.
Several technologies exists to detect linear or rotary position. Spectra Symbol uses the resistive potentiometer technology that is exceptionally accurate, versatile, and has the most compact form-factor available.

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