What is Flex Sensor drift?

In the world of sensors, 'drift' refers to an unintended change in the sensor's output even when the input or condition it measures has returned to its original state. Picture a door hinge that doesn't immediately swing back to its original position after being pushed open - it takes a little time to settle back into place. In the case of flex sensors, when they are bent or 'flexed' and then released, we ideally want them to quickly return to their original, or 'neutral', output signal. However, sometimes there is a delay or gradual return to that neutral state. This is what we refer to as 'drift'.
Our new SpectraFlex Flex Sensor has been specially designed to tackle this issue. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, it exhibits very low drift. This means when the SpectraFlex sensor is flexed and then released, it promptly returns to its neutral output, offering you an accurate, consistent reading every time. It's like a well-oiled door hinge, smoothly swinging back into place with minimal delay. This quick recovery time is a significant advantage in applications where precise, real-time readings are essential.

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